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Discover the Delights of Turkish Properties

Turkey has been highly sought after as a holiday destination for a long time with around 25 million tourists flocking to the stunning beaches along the Turkish coast each year. The beautiful climate and exotic quality of life help to make Turkey a location that is much in demand.

The profile of Turkey has been greatly improved due to a large increase in media exposure, Turkey property is in great demand and Turkey itself is at the start of a predicted property boom. Turkey's current status as a candidate for membership of the EU with possible inclusion as a full member in the near future has added to the overwhelming interest in properties in Turkey.

Turkish property still offers enormous potential for returns on investment. Last year alone, property prices rose by around 50% with more people looking to purchase homes in Turkey. This extra demand is set to push prices up drastically.

Taking into consideration the country's many attributes, Turkey can hardly be rivaled in any other investment location with similar assets.

Turkish Property Market Overview

Since its application for EU membership last year, Turkey has received a flurry of foreign investment, particularly from Dubai, which will go towards fast improvements to its infrastructure, in readiness for EU inclusion over the next ten years.

Corporate investors are creating new resorts, golf courses and other tourist facilities, while public funds are targeted at improving roads and airports and these are clear indications of a growing tourist economy that will greatly boost capital growth for today's property investments. In fact tourist figures increased by a massive 22% and continue to rise - all good news for holiday homes and buy-to-let investments.

The most popular spots for tourism and property purchase are along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and over the past eighteen months, the number of Britons owning property in Turkey has jumped by more than 200%. It is now possible for foreigners to obtain a local mortgage, further encouraging this emerging market.

All indications show that investment property in Turkey is a wise option today; properties are still unbeatably good value and the tourist industry grows while Turkey gears itself up for eventual EU inclusion.

Investment Property in Turkey

Property in Turkey is highly attractive to international property investors who can see good potential for solid return on investment.

In a location such as Turkey, with stunning natural assets, and imminent membership of the EU, the country has generated much interest. EU membership traditionally generates large increases in property values and investors are keen to buy property in the prime locations.

With the huge growth in tourism and already 25 million visitors per annum "Buy to Let" investors in Turkey enjoy huge rental demand for accommodation and this demand is set to grow.

Reasons why property in Turkey is a good investment

• Turkey is just entering the EU process which means there remains another 5-10 years of European investor interest in property.

• Turkey is just at the beginning of a property boom.

• Turkish economy is very strong with 6.1% GDP growth in 2006.

• Stunning beaches and climate make it a very popular holiday destination.

• You can still find excellent front-line properties for excellent value for money with high capital growth potential.

• Turkish summers are a lot longer than in many other EU destinations, offering more hours of sunshine per annum.

• Over 25 million tourists visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong "buy to let" possibilities.

• Low cost of living and long summers make it a favorite retirement spot for the Europeans.

• Huge investment on golf tourism will increase the value of any investment Turkey offers a modern infrastructure.

• Turkey is considered to be a highly dynamic country by the World Trade Organisation.

• No capital gains tax after 4 years.

• Increased demand for flights to Turkey mean an increase in demand for accommodation.

• Capital appreciation is expected to increase by at least 50% and even as much as 100%

Turkey Investment Market Growth

Land prices in Turkey have almost doubled over the past two years and they continue to rise steadily by 20% per annum.

According to many investment experts, capital appreciation in beach areas is expected to increase initially by 30% and then by 160% over the next two to three years. For example, capital growth in the Bodrum area over the next 2 years is predicted to be in the region of 40 %.

Turkey GDP Growth Rate